Mexican Honeysuckle (Justicia spicigera)


Mexican Honeysuckle

Justicia spicigera

Plant this Mexican Honeysuckle and enjoy the visual spectacle of the visiting hummingbirds that can’t seem to get enough of the clusters of tubular neon orange flowers! Your landscape will also be abuzz with butterflies as these butterfly plants also provide the nectar they need. From Mexico and Central America, Justicia spicigera is a showy medium sized evergreen shrub with light green smooth and velvety leaves that contrast beautifully with the colorful flowers. This is a wonderful fairly drought tolerant plant that can soften any arid or waterwise landscape!

Mexican Honeysuckle plant care is a breeze as they have low to moderate watering needs once established and require very little seasonal pruning. They have a moderate growth rate and prefer to grow in light shade to full sun exposures, so we love to plant them under trees such as Palo Verdes. We also love to plant them in groupings, where their lively colors are amplified and can set your landscapes “wow” factor to high! We recommend feeding with our Super Charged Moon Juice for optimum results!

If you’re looking to create a wonderful natural habitat that can add curb appeal with stunning color, consider adding the popular Mexican Honeysuckle to your landscape. At Palm Paradise, we love to grow these vibrant beauties and have been doing so for over 20 years. We are unique growers that only grow ours from our own private stock of premium quality specimens. What this means for our customers is that we can assure best-quality plants and trees you’ll find anywhere! We really do love what we do!

  • Also called Desert Honeysuckle
  • Evergreen shrub
  • Naturally compact and rounded form
  • Tubular neon orange flowers from spring through fall
  • Butterfly plants
  • Hummingbird plants
  • Coarse tropical texture
  • Year-round interest
  • Look great under canopies and trees


Medium sized evergreen shrub

Orange trumpet shaped flowers late spring through fall

Drought tolerant

Attract Butterflies