Little Leaf Cordia (Cordia parvifolia)


Little Leaf Cordia

Cordia parvifolia

Native to Baja California, this Cordia is known by its common name of Little Leaf Cordia partly due to its smaller gray-green leaves and abundance of delicate snowy white flowers that pop out during the summer months. Don’t let its soft look fool you, Cordia parvifolia is a tough and durable medium to large shrub that can handle the heat and the cold! In fact, this is a tough evergreen that is perfect for the inland and desert areas of Southern California! We love to plant them for use as a shrub border, where this low maintenance plant is sure to add curb appeal!

Cordia parvifolia loves the heat and thrives where there is plenty of full sun exposure. Once established, this waterwise plant will have low to moderate watering needs, so it’s a great choice for any drought tolerant landscape. It’s also a low litter plant with no thorns too, so feel free to plant them poolside! If you’re looking for an effective informal hedge or barrier, we recommend planting Little Leaf Cordia several feet apart where they can also create an effective screen.

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  • Tough evergreen shrub – cold and heat tolerant
  • Naturally dense
  • No thorns
  • Excellent for xeriscape
  • Good poolside plant
  • Low maintenance plant
  • Delicate snowy white flowers can be triggered by warm and humid conditions
  • Drought tolerant once established
  • Great for use as a shrub border or screen
  • Loves the heat and can be counted on to provide some visual relief during the hot summer months
  • Can grow in containers


Abundant tissue-paper bright white flowers in summer

Medium to large shrub with interesting growth pattern

Heat loving perennial

Cold Hardy