Japanese Privet (Ligustrum japonica)


Japanese Privet

Ligustrum japonica

Japanese Privet is often used as a hedge, where it can help create a private backyard oasis! From northern China, Korea, and Japan, Ligustrum japonica is a fast growing evergreen with a tall stature and a dense, compact growth habit that makes it an excellent choice for use as a privacy hedge, windbreak or tall screen. In the spring, it blooms showy white/cream/gray flowers that add to its beautiful features. The blooms are followed by blue, black, purple colored fruit that attract birds into your garden, so it can provide a high bird habitat value for landscapes!

Homeowners and landscapers alike love the Japanese Privet’s easy to care for attributes. It grows well in partial sun to full sun exposures, is cold hardy and will require low to moderate water use once established. You can always let it grow naturally, but some customers shear it annually for a tidy, neat appearance. When sheared, we love to plant them as side-yard screens or as garden partitions, where they can be used to disguise tennis courts or utility boxes. We also love to plant Japanese Privet where its deep green foliage acts as the perfect background for sizeable flowering shrubs.

We love the versatility of this medium to large growing evergreen hedge. Some of our customers enjoy spas, surrounded by greenery. Being able to relax in comfort, in your own private backyard is a top priority for many, which is what makes Ligustrum japonica so useful and popular. Plant Japanese Privet around fences and it can create an attractive living wall that is ideal for adding privacy! It is moderately drought tolerant once established and is salt tolerant – they can be planted from the coast to the desert!

Tip: During its first growing season, we recommend using our Moon Valley line of fertilizers for optimal growth performance!

  • Excellent for use as a privacy hedge
  • Deep green foliage
  • Attracts birds
  • Salt tolerant
  • Planted from the coast to the desert!


Fast growing

Medium to large growing evergreen shrub

Full to partial sun

Cold Hardy