Indian Hawthorn (Rhaphiolepis indica)


Indian Hawthorn

Rhaphiolepis indica

Use this Indian Hawthorn shrub to bring a wonderful splash of bright pink color into any landscape! Rhaphiolepis indica are native to China and look right at home here in Southern California, where they add beauty wherever they are planted. We love to plant them near buildings that could use a little color enhancement and they look amazing when used in beds and borders. This evergreen shrub is a mainstay here in the Southwest, where it’s often used for commercial as well as private home landscaping projects for use as an informal plant or screen!

Indian Hawthorn thrives in full sun but can also tolerate light to moderate shade. Since they are not too fussy about salt spray and are cold hardy, they are a good choice for seaside planting too! These are low maintenance shrubs and once established, will have low to moderate watering needs, so they’re really easy to care for. We recommend feeding it with our Super Charged Moon Juice for optimal results! Feel free to use them as a specimen container plant too and place them in a patio garden or a balcony!

Is it time to revamp your landscape? Right now is the best time to do it! Palm Paradise knows how to add curb appeal to any size property and has all the right plants as well as a team of experienced professionals ready to do the work! We custom grow the finest Indian Hawthorn and have the palms, trees and other plants you need to make your landscape stand out amongst the rest! We assure the premium quality of all the plants and trees we sell!

  • Also known as the India Hawthorn or Hong Kong Hawthorn
  • Can also be found in white
  • Versatile shrubs that can bloom in the shade - flower clusters typically appear in Spring
  • This is a popular shrub often used as a hedge, in foundations and used in shrub borders


Clusters of bright pink flowers in spring

Medium sized shrub good near buildings, use in beds and borders

Will bloom in shade or survive open sunlight

Cold Hardy