Heavenly Bamboo (Nandina domestica)


Heavenly Bamboo

Nandina domestica

Heavenly Bamboo is often used to create a colorful landscape that intensifies as the colors change! Nandina domestica is from China and Japan, with upright cane-like stems and soft green leaves that turn brilliant red in autumn. Adding to this colorful landscape spectacle are clusters of tiny cream-colored flowers which are followed by bright red berries! This is a versatile and durable plant with a wide range of landscape uses such as used as a privacy hedge, border, mass planting, firescaping and as a specimen plant. It’s not really a bamboo, but it certainly fits in great with any Asian-inspired landscape, as well as any other kind!

Heavenly Bamboo grows in partial to full sun exposures and never outgrows its space, so it’s a perfect plant for narrow places. We love to plant them in entry gardens and courtyards, where everyone can enjoy this showy plant all year-round. We also love to plant them beside water gardens and fountains, which can create a peaceful, relaxing escape in your own backyard! Speaking of water, once established Nandina domestica will have low to moderate watering needs, so it’s a very easy plant to care for. Waterwise and Firewise plants are good for the SoCal area, so this plant gets extra bonus points for having both of those desirable attributes!

Feeding with the proper fertilizer, such as our Moon Green or Moon Juice fertilizers can benefit this Heavenly Bamboo across its entire lifetime. At Palm Paradise, we do what no else does – we are the only people that grow these and assure their quality. We have been growing premium quality trees and plants for over 20 years. Ours are only grown from our premium quality specimens, so you get the absolute best-looking, hardy and durable plants you will not be able to find anywhere else!

  • Adds brilliant fall color
  • Water-wise
  • Year-round interest
  • Perfect for narrow places, tight entries, courtyards


Upright evergreen shrub

New leaves are red turning to green then red in winter

White flowers followed by red berries

Cold Hardy