Green Hopseed (Dodonea viscosa)


Green Hopseed

Dodonea viscosa

Green Hopseed is a large, sun loving bush often used as a screen or filler plant in any landscape. It’s tough enough to withstand arid sites, so it’s a popular choice in many Southwestern locations, including the neighborhoods of Southern California. Dodonea viscosa is valued for its dense, deep green foliage and features ornamental papery seed pods that resemble hops, hence its common name. We love to plant them in groupings, where they can provide a great windbreak or used as an excellent privacy hedge to screen unwanted views. They are also a great choice for helping to reduce erosion! This is an ideal plant for SoCal!

The Green Hopseed bush is tidy and clean and requires very little maintenance. We love to plant them poolside or around patios, where its coarse tropical texture fits in nicely. Once established, this evergreen requires low to moderate watering needs and is considered to be extremely drought tolerant. Dodonea viscosa is an upright growing shrub, so you can use it as a tall narrow screen or it can be easily kept smaller with proper shearing. It’s also a good choice for use as a specimen plant or use it as a foundation. It loves to grow with full sun to partial shade exposures and can provide a great cover for native birds and small wildlife!

Fun fact: Did you know that native people used the leaves of the Green Hopseed bush externally to heal wounds and insect bites?

The Green Hopseed bush is a good choice if you’re looking to add some greenery into an otherwise arid landscape! We’ve been growing them for over 20 years, only grown from our premium quality specimens. We are unique growers in that no one else does what we do, we are the only people that grow these and can assure their quality!

  • Low maintenance plant
  • Upright growing shrub
  • Good plant to help reduce erosion
  • Can be an excellent cover for native birds and animals
  • Drought tolerant


Sun loving upright shrub to 10’

Use as tall narrow screen or hedge

Full sun

Cold Hardy