Green Cassia (Cassia nemophila)


Green Cassia

Cassia nemophila

Use Green Cassia to bring some color into any arid or water wise landscape! An Australian native, Cassia nemophila features abundant clusters of bright yellow flowers in the spring and bright green leaves that create quite the stunning scene when mass planted. This welcoming blast of color can improve any landscape scene, especially in the inland and desert areas of Southern California. They are fast growing medium to large shrubs, so we also love to plant them for use as a privacy screen, in rock gardens or near water fountains, where the color display blends in perfectly!

Cassia nemophila are very heat tolerant, so they love to grow where there is plenty of full sun and reflected sun exposures. And while they thrive in the heat, they can also tolerate the cold. Of course, they are water wise plants, so once established they have low to moderate watering needs. As far as maintenance goes, they can be informally pruned to control their size, however, you can just let them grow naturally as they look incredible either way!

If you’re looking for a great design plant that can add some wonderful color to any dry landscape, consider planting Green Cassia. We have been growing this evergreen shrub for over 20 years and we only grow from our own private stock of premium quality specimens. We are unique growers that love what we do, and we can also assure that our trees and plants are the best you’ll find anywhere!

  • Also known as Senna nemophila, Desert Cassia, Desert Senna, Green Senna
  • Rounded Medium to Large shrub
  • Small green leaves
  • Abundant clusters of bright yellow pea-like flowers in spring
  • Low maintenance plant
  • A favorite food source for the Desert Tortoise
  • A lush alternative in arid landscapes
  • Excellent mass planted or used as a screen barrier


Fast growing medium to large shrubs

Very heat tolerant - full sun and reflected sun

Bright yellow flowers early spring

Low water-use