Globe Mallow (Sphaeralcea ambigua)


Globe Mallow

Sphaeralcea ambigua

Globe Mallow shrubs are prized for their attractive downy leaves and bright soft orange, pink or purple flowers that can bloom like a wildflower in late spring and summer! Native to Utah, Arizona, Nevada, California and Baja California, Sphaeralcea ambigua is a gently sprawling small shrub that loves to grow in our local climate! Since they are very drought tolerant once established, they make an excellent addition to any water-wise landscape, desert landscape or rock garden! We love to plant them with Palo Verde trees, Yucca, Creosote Bush, Damianita and other plants and trees for a landscape that is sure to add curb appeal!

Globe Mallow loves to grow with full sun exposure and attracts butterflies, so it’s an excellent choice for butterfly gardens too! They are tolerant of various soil types and are a very low maintenance plant, just let them grow and be free if you please! Once established they’ll only need low to moderate watering, in fact, they can live on just natural rainfall.

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  • Also known as Apricot Mallow, Desert Mallow, Desert Globe Mallow. Deserthollyhock
  • Members of the Shoshoni tribe of Native Americans used this plant as a food source
  • It’s been used as a medicinal plant as poultices applied to cuts, swellings or rheumatism
  • Decoctions have been taken internally for upset stomach, colds, and as a treatment for infectious diseases, as well as used as an eyewash
  • They are a food source for the desert tortoise
  • A great choice for any drought tolerant landscape


Native perennial shrub with orange, pink or purple flowers

Grey foliage blends in desert landscapes and rock gardens

Blooms in spring like a wildflower

Very drought tolerant in native soils