Giant Timber Bamboo (Bambusa oldhamii)


Giant Timber Bamboo

Bambusa oldhamii

Giant Timber Bamboo is beautiful and also one of the best bamboos you can find to add a large, dense privacy hedge in your landscape. Bambusa oldhamii features green, densely foliaged, erect clumps and thick stems that help to screen against unwanted views and create a private backyard retreat! Homeowners and landscapers alike rave about its clumping, non-invasive habit, which makes it a low maintenance choice that anyone can take care of. This stately beauty is a very popular upright grower and it’s easy to see why – it complements a wide range of landscape styles and is especially useful for narrow spaces! We love to plant them in mass throughout Southern California for use as a privacy screen and as an effective windbreak!

If you’ve been dreaming of creating a magical Zen garden or a peaceful spot in your backyard, the elegant Giant Timber Bamboo is a welcome addition. It’s cold hardy and complements Asian and Tropical gardens perfectly! This is a fast growing evergreen, so once established, you won’t have to wait too long before you can set up a nice spot to relax or take in the meditative sounds created by the large, thick canes swaying in the wind.

Bambusa oldhamii is medium to large sized and enjoys growing in partial to full sun exposures. Once established, it has low to moderate watering needs and can tolerate a wide range of soil conditions.

The Giant Timber Bamboo is the most common big bamboo in Southern California and we have the best-looking and healthiest ones available right here, grown in our local climate! We have been growing them for over 20 years, from our own private stock, so we can assure their quality. No one else does what we do, we are unique growers that take pride in offering our customers premium quality trees that you will not find anywhere else!
  • One of the best bamboos for large, dense privacy screens
  • Non-invasive clumping habit
  • Evergreen
  • Fast growing
  • Effective windbreak
  • Low-maintenance
  • Pet friendly
  • Also known as Oldham's bamboo


Tall growing clumping bamboo

This tree makes a great upright hedges, screens, and borders or can be used as a smaller patio tree.

The famous Disneyland bamboo