Dwarf Oleander (Nerium oleander )


Dwarf Oleander

Nerium oleander

Pretty in pink, white, and red! Dwarf Oleander sure is beautiful, helping to make this a popular choice for planting as large hedges with a lower profile that’s great for privacy and for adding a splash of vibrant color into any size landscape. One of the great things about Nerium oleander is its fast growth rate. Since it grows so fast, you won’t have to wait too long before this colorful evergreen brings the many benefits into your landscape! Since we’re talking about color, you’ll be happy to know that the showy flowers bloom from spring through fall. We love to plant them a variety of ways. Homeowners in Southern California love to use them for use as accent, low hedge, and border or foundation plantings. They add value and curb appeal no matter how you choose to use them!

As you can tell by its common name, the Dwarf Oleander is the dwarf version of the larger landscaping favorite and will attain only a fraction of the height of its taller relatives. It’s an evergreen that loves full sun exposure, so we love to plant them along fences and walls in areas that get plenty of sunshine. Nerium oleander is versatile with a wide range of landscape uses and once established has low to moderate watering needs. This is a great choice for mass planting and will attract birds and butterflies into your garden, too!

Palm Paradise takes great care in growing the best-quality Dwarf Oleander varieties. We only grow from our premium quality specimens, so our customers get the best of the best. We ensure that ours are the most durable and healthiest you have ever seen. No one else does what we do! We are the only people that grow these and ensure their quality!

  • Fast grower
  • Showy flowers from spring through fall
  • Evergreen
  • Great as an accent or low hedge and border


Colorful evergreen shrub used as accent, low hedge or foundation planting

Lots of colorful flowers spring through fall

Full sun

Fast growing