Creosote Bush (Larrea tridentata)


Creosote Bush

Larrea tridentata

The Creosote Bush is a showy and aromatic evergreen shrub that can grow tall and dense, making it an excellent choice for a windbreak or used as a privacy screen to block out unwanted views. Larrea tridentate features yellow-green to dark green foliage that stays on the plant all year round, and creates an attractive scene when the abundant small yellow flowers appear in the spring. This is one of those plants found in the desert that can smell like rain, where its pungency can fill the air long after the rains have stopped. We love to plant them as a great addition to any xeriscape or waterwise yard where they can be used to soften any arid landscape!

Creosote Bush love to grow where there’s plenty of full sun exposure, in fact, they can thrive in both low and high deserts. They are drought tolerant once established and have low to moderate watering needs with very little maintenance required. Larrea tridentate is also the hardiest of the native desert shrubs and can have a long life span. And while this bush prefers the arid desert climate, with the right care it can thrive throughout Southern California.

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  • One of the most common native shrubs in Southwest deserts
  • Can grow tall and wide with many upright branches – great for use as a privacy screen
  • Evergreen shrub – keeps its evergreen leaves even in the hottest regions
  • Produces a pleasantly pungent smell produced by the leaves as a summer rain starts
  • Decoctions of its leaves are used as antiseptics and emetics
  • Provides cover for desert wildlife
  • Can thrive in both low and high deserts – a common sight in Joshua Tree National Park


Hardiest of native desert shrubs

Medium to large mounded shrub

Abundant small yellow flowers in spring

The source of ‘Desert Rain’ scent