Chihuahuan Sage (Leucophyllum laevigatum)


Chihuahuan Sage

Leucophyllum laevigatum

Plant Chihuahuan Sage and bask in the beauty of the profuse fragrant lavender blooms adorning your landscape from summer to fall! Native to the Southwest and northern Mexico, Leucophyllum laevigatum is definitely a showy evergreen perennial and its compact growth habit makes it ideal for mass planting or used as a natural hedge. This heavy blooming shrub can soften any arid landscape, so we love to plant them in waterwise landscapes and xeriscape or rock gardens – they attract butterflies and hummingbirds too!

Chihuahuan Sage is a low maintenance plant and once established, is drought tolerant with low to moderate watering needs. They accept poor soils, so they can grow just about anywhere in Southern California with full sun exposure. We recommend applying our Super Charged Moon Juice for optimum results. And since they are a low littler plant, we love to plant them poolside, where they can become a wonderful addition to your backyard paradise!

These are slow growing plants, so if you’re looking to add natural maturity to your site today, stop by Palm Paradise, where we have been growing Chihuahuan Sage for over 20 years and have them available in many sizes. Once you’re here, feel free to speak with one of our landscape design professionals and we can show you how our trees, plants and palms can add curb appeal and can increase property value. We only grow from our own private stock of premium quality specimens and we assure their quality is the best you’ll find anywhere!

  • Accepts poor soils
  • Fragrant lavender flowers from summer to fall - blooms naturally with increased humidity
  • Unique branching structure with tiny dark green leaves
  • Great as an accent
  • Good poolside plant – low litter
  • Attracts hummingbirds
  • Child friendly
  • Low maintenance plant that is easy to grow and responds well to pruning
  • Waterwise
  • Can provide nesting sites for birds and cover for other small wildlife


Medium sized shrub with lavender flowers in waves during summer with water.

Light fragrance when in bloom

Allow to grow free form, too much pruning effects bloom cycles