Butterfly Iris (Dietes bicolor)


Butterfly Iris

Dietes bicolor

The Butterfly Iris or African Iris is an excellent choice for adding a soft blooming accent into your landscape – from tropical to desert and anything in between! From South Africa, Dietes bicolor plants feature beautiful light yellow flowers with dark brown to maroon blotches that look right at home planted in rock gardens, poolside or near water fountains. We love this versatile accent and plant them to help revamp any yard that could benefit from the texture and color they add to landscapes.

Dietes Bicolor have a fast growth rate and love to grow in full sun or partial shade exposures, though the best flowering occurs in full sun. They have low to moderate watering needs and we recommend cleaning out the dead leaves in early spring to have the nicest appearance all year long. Since they’re easy to care for, we love to mass plant them in low maintenance garden areas where they are prized for their long blooming accent value!

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  • Commonly called African Iris, Fortnight Lily, Peacock Flower
  • Perennial grass-like plant – long grass-like leaves
  • Excellent for use near swimming pools, ponds and water fountains
  • Features light yellow flowers with dark brown to maroon blotches
  • A popular landscaping plant found from Florida to California
  • Often used by commercial landscape architects


Grass like accent for sun to part sun locations

Pale yellow iris like flowers late spring through fall

Great for both desert and tropical landscapes