Bursage (Ambrosia deltoidea)



Ambrosia deltoidea

Native to the Sonoran Desert region of North America, Ambrosia deltoidea, also known by its common name Triangle Bursage, is perfectly suited for xeriscapes and water-wise landscapes. In fact, they are extremely drought tolerant once established and require very minimal maintenance, so they are perfect for growing in the hotter and dryer parts of Southern California. As noted by their common name, these small shrubs feature triangular shaped gray-green leaves and can produce small yellow-green flowers from late winter to early spring. They have a small mounding growth habit too, so they are often used for revegetation projects.

Triangle-leaf Bursage is very easy to care for and likes to grow where there is full sun to partial shade exposures. A water-wise plant, they require low to moderate watering needs once established and can survive with minimal irrigation. We love to plant them with other desert plants or in rock gardens and other dry landscape projects.

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  • Also known as Triangle Bursage, Triangle Leaf Bursage, Canyon Bursage, Rabbit Bush
  • A member of the Sunflower family and a cousin of Ragweed
  • In its native habitat, it is one of the cornerstone plant species that acts as a nurse plant for many other plants


Native desert shrub used in natural desert landscapes and re-vegetation areas

Small mounding growth

Very drought tolerant in native soils