Brittlebush (Encilia farinosa)


Brittlebush is a small to medium sized mounding shrub that can add some fantastic golden color to landscapes. Native to the Southwest, Encelia farinose feature somewhat fuzzy long and oval silver-gray colored leaves and small yellow flowers that bloom in the spring. These fast growing shrubs are great for hillsides, where they can make the hills come alive with a spectacular display that you have to see to believe! These are extremely drought tolerant shrubs, so we love to plant them in desert landscapes, in rock covered yards and other low-water use landscape designs. We also love to plant them for adding a nice contrast to any sub-tropical setting!

The Brittlebush is cold and heat hardy and loves to grow where there is plenty of full sun exposure. Once established, they will have low to moderate watering needs, in fact, they really don’t need much water to survive, which is why they are so common in the dry and arid climate regions.

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  • Also known as Incensio Goldenhills, White Brittlebush
  • Has been used as a medicinal plant
  • The Spanish settlers in California were fond of its frankincense-like fragrance
  • The Seri Indians of Mexico would grind them up and use it as toothpaste
  • Attracts butterflies, small mammals and desert birds
  • The fuzzy, hairy leaves act as a blanket to protect them from the heat and cold and they also trap any moisture that is in the air
  • Have been very useful for rehabilitating landscapes and for stabilizing disturbed areas


Fast growing small to medium mounding shrub

Bright yellow daisy-like flowers in spring

Extremely drought tolerant

True Arizona desert native

Full sun

Cold Hardy