Boxleaf Euonymus (Euonymus japonicus ‘Microphyllus’)


Boxleaf Euonymus

Euonymus japonicus ‘Microphyllus’

The Boxleaf Euonymus is ideal for people looking for a compact plant with deep green, dense foliage that’s perfect for use as a low hedge or border. From China, Korea and Japan, Euonymus japonicus ‘Microphyllus’ is loved by so many homeowners and landscapers in Southern California because it requires minimal pruning and can tolerate a variety of conditions including poor soils, heat and salt spray! A great choice to use for background borders. It’s an evergreen that retains its good looks all year long!

Euonymus Boxleaf is a excellent choice for our local climate and neighborhoods. It has a slow growth rate and stays small, so we love to plant them in mass or use them to help define property lines. It loves the morning sun and prefers some nice afternoon shade. It’s a really good choice for seaside conditions, where it’s often spotted up and down the SoCal coast attracting birds and butterflies! Once established, Euonymus japonicus requires low to moderate watering needs and feeding the proper fertilizer, such as our Super Charged Moon Juice can help maximize performance and yield wonderful results!

All in all, Boxleaf Euonymus is one of the best hedge plants you can find! We love to plant them for the formal look they can bring to any landscape with very little maintenance. It’s versatile enough to grow in coastal conditions to inland and desert conditions, too. Bring greenery into your landscape and watch as it brings curb appeal and value to your property.

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  • One of the best hedge plants you can find!
  • Evergreen
  • Slow growing
  • Year-round interest
  • Compact form
  • Easy care


Small to medium shrub with attractive leaves on upright growing branches

Excellent for formal trimming or low hedge

Tolerant of most sun exposures

Cold Hardy