Baja Ruellia (Ruellia peninsularis)


Baja Ruellia

Ruellia peninsularis

Plant the Baja Ruellia into your landscape and get ready to enjoy a colorful scene filled with deep blue, purple-like bell-shaped flowers set against a light green foliage backdrop! A Southwestern native, Ruellia peninsularis is a medium sized shrub that thrives in hotter climates, so it’s an excellent choice for the inland and desert areas of Southern California. They feature a neat, naturally rounded form, so we love to plant for use in a border or as an accent in gardens!

Baja Ruellia is a very low maintenance plant that thrives in full sun. They are heat and drought tolerant and once established, will have low to moderate watering needs. In fact, these are excellent fast growing shrubs that are ideal for adding a nice splash of color into any waterwise landscape! We also love to plant them poolside because they produce a minimal amount of litter and their colors can be admired while lounging in a pool float!

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  • They have a long blooming season and the showy flowers attract butterflies and hummingbirds – flowering cycle Spring through Fall
  • The purple flowers are reminiscent of those of a Petunia
  • An excellent waterwise plant ideal for Southern California landscapes, especially good for adding beauty to dry landscapes
  • A very low maintenance plant that is easy to care for


Light purple flowers in cycles spring through fall

Medium sized shrub grows well in open to part sun

Heat and drought tolerant