Baja Fairy Duster (Calliandra californica)


Baja Fairy Duster

Calliandra californica

The Baja Fairy Duster…its common name conjures up images of a magical landscape scene, one that has been sprinkled in color and abuzz with hummingbirds and butterflies. Native to Baja California and Sonora, Mexico, Calliandra californica is a constant bloomer with showy bright red bushy flowers that make this a must-have in any desert or waterwise landscape! And while these are excellent shrubs for adding color into arid landscapes, they also look fantastic in sub-tropical and tropical-theme landscapes too. We love to plant them as a colorful background shrub and they make a nice screen when planted in front of an unattractive wall or blocking any unsightly equipment.

Yes, the Baja Fairy Duster works in many landscape settings and as long as there is full sun or partial sun exposures it should thrive. This small to medium sized shrub gets extra bonus points for being a very low-maintenance plant, it can be pruned, though it looks just fine when growing in its natural form. Calliandra californica is fairly drought tolerant once established and will have low to moderate watering needs.

We love to plant the Baja Fairy Duster because it’s one of those plants that you’ll be able to appreciate all yera long, while enjoying the natural beauty of its constant blooming flowers and the magical scene of all the hummingbirds they attract! Come visit our huge nursery today, where we grow all of our own trees and plants from our own premium quality specimens!

  • Also known as Red Fairy Duster, Flame Bush
  • The bright red, year-round flowers provide the nectar that hummingbirds love, so if you love the sight of hummingbirds cavorting about, plant these into your landscape!
  • This evergreen shrub will bring year round interest and beauty to your landscape
  • A great choice for adding curb appeal!
  • Kid friendly - no thorns!


Small to medium shrub

Works in many landscape settings

Attracts humming birds and butterflies

Bright red, bushy flowers throughout year