Shiny Xylosma (Xylosma congestum)


Shiny Xylosma

Xylosma congestum

Glossy light green foliage make this Shiny xylosma hard to resist in all landscapes, especially when used as a fine natural hedge gently pruned to size or letting it grow naturally as a background for beds and borders! This versatile evergreen was discovered in China by Portuguese Jesuit missionary Juan Louriero, where Xylosma congestum is found everywhere in the tropics and subtropics except in Africa. Out here in the Southwest, its moderate growth rate and spreading growth habit makes it an excellent choice if you want to break up long fence lines and use it as a privacy screen or windbreak. It is an especially useful hedge plant in cramped Southern California tract housing developments, where its attractive green foliage adds privacy benefits that can help increase property value and curb appeal!

Shiny xylosma is very easy to care for, which makes both homeowners and landscapers very happy. It is a cold hardy, water-wise plant with year round interest, needing low to moderate watering once established. It is heat tolerant and grows well in any landscape with partial to full sun exposure. We love to plant them as an excellent companion plant to Crape Myrtle or Shrub Rosa, which are also available at our huge nursery. Of course, in Southern California, many of our customers are looking for an attractive privacy hedge, which is a key feature of this plant – it also adapts well to mild shearing for a more formal appearance! We love this versatile plant and love to install them in all landscapes, from the coast to the desert!

At Palm Paradise, we take pride in being the only people that grow our own Xylosma congestum from our premium quality specimens, so we can assure that ours are the best-quality you have ever seen, with the most vibrant foliage and durability that you will not find at any other nursery!

  • Durable and hardy
  • Great as a privacy hedge!
  • Heat tolerant
  • Partial to full sun exposure
  • Water-wise
  • Easy to care for


Hardy evergreen shrub or small tree

Bright shiny green leaves

Trim formally for shapes, hedge or screen

Cold Hardy