Lantana (Lantana)




We love to plant Lantana to add beautiful color and interest into any landscape, from desert to tropical settings! Lantana’s have aromatic flower clusters that come in a variety of colors – a mix of red, orange, blue, yellow or white. These are one of the most colorful plants for our area and they love to grow in our local climate. At Palm Paradise, we have Trailing Lantana, Dwarf or Mounding Lantana and Bush Lantana available, all custom-grown from our premium quality specimens, we can assure the highest quality shrubs available anywhere!

Trailing Lantana

These are low growing, spreading varieties featuring a colorful lantana flower palette of mostly purple, white or pale yellow. They work exceptionally well as a ground cover and are extremely heat and drought tolerant.

Dwarf/Mounding Lantana

These small growing shrubs will often bloom early with stunning red, gold and pink colors. These are a great choice for any smaller landscape and are often used near driveways and sidewalks. A good size for growing in containers!

Bush Lantana

These fast growing small to medium sized shrubs come in a variety of fascinating colors that are sure to make your landscape pop! Some of the most popular colors include orange/red combos and pink.

Once established, Lantanas require little maintenance with low to moderate watering needs. They love to grow where there is plenty of full sun exposure, so we love to plant them in an open space or in rock gardens, where their showy display can be admired by everyone! Homeowners and landscapers alike love Lantana because they are so easy to grow and can add instant curb appeal! Spice up any area in your landscape that could use an instant yard face-lift!

  • Attracts hummingbirds and is a butterfly magnet
  • Use them to spice up any part of your landscape with vibrant colors
  • Can produce a variety of bright flowers


Bright flowers from spring through fall

Very easy to grow in almost any situation

Rabbit and animal resistant

Attract Butterflies