Damianita Daisy (Chrysactinia mexicana)


Damianita Daisy

Chrysactinia mexicana

If you love the color yellow, you’ll absolutely want to plant Damianita Daisy into your landscape! A native of the high Chihuahuan desert, Chrysactinia Mexicana features bright yellow daisy-like flowers and aromatic green leaves that can add a splash of color into any landscape. Though they look dainty, these are actually tough and durable and able to endure extreme heat as well as low winter temperatures. These shrubs are a great accent for residential water-wise landscapes, especially when planted with Agaves, Aloes and Yuccas! We also love to plant them in rock gardens or used as a groundcover for hillsides - mass planting can create a vibrant yellow carpet-like scene from spring to fall that you have to see to believe!

Damianita Daisy have a slow to moderate growth rate and love to grow in an area that receives plenty of full sun exposure. Once established they are very drought tolerant and will have low to moderate watering needs. These compact shrubs are loved for their long blooming period and easy care features!

Anyone can come visit our huge Palm Paradise nursery, where we custom grow our own trees and plants from our own private stock of premium quality specimens and seeds. Shrubs such as Damianita Daisy are a great choice for planting on slopes and we have a professional landscape crew that can do all the work – guaranteed!

  • A small, compact shrub that is also great for use as a border plant for flower beds or for hot exposed areas in your landscape
  • The tiny leaves can produce a sweet-smelling aroma when crushed – feel free to plant near patios or seating areas to appreciate the aroma
  • Is very complementary and mixes well with Agaves, Aloes, and Yuccas
  • Can fit into a wide variety of garden situations
  • Its rounded mass of radiant yellow flowers can attract butterflies
  • Can adapt to a wide range of soil conditions


Bright yellow flowers in spring and fall

Small, compact rounded bush, bright green leaves

Very tough, tolerating extreme heat and cold