Boxwood Beauty (Carrissa macrocarpa 'Boxwood Beauty')


Boxwood Beauty

Carrissa macrocarpa 'Boxwood Beauty'

The Boxwood Beauty, also called Natal Plum, is a cultivar of Carrissa macrocarpa and is a popular low growing, very dense shrub ideal for use in tropical to desert landscapes. We love to plant them for use as a low hedge or for use in small foundation planting. This tropical, evergreen plant is native to South Africa and loves to grow where there’s plenty of full sun exposure, though it can tolerate some shade. We love its attractive glossy, bright dark green leaves and star-shaped, tubular, fragrant white flowers. It also features red berries that attract birds and small wildlife too. Since they are very salt tolerant, we often plant them in the coastal areas of Southern California, where their attractive appearance add curb appeal and interest!

Carrissa macrocarpa have a slow growth rate and are considered to be moderately drought tolerant once established. They have low to moderate watering needs and require very little maintenance. If you’re looking to add year round greenery into your landscape, we recommend the versatile Boxwood Beauty for use as a bedding plant, groundcover, hedge or edging.

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  • Also known as the Natal Plum
  • Low growing, dense shrub
  • Glossy dark green foliage
  • Red berries attract birds and other small wildlife
  • Very salt tolerant – great for coastal areas
  • Sweetly fragrant white flowers fill the air with pleasing aroma
  • Repeat bloomer
  • Year-round interest
  • Can grow in containers
  • Low maintenance, easy to care for plant


Compact mounding bush

Green year round

Low maintenance and little pruning

Full to partial sun