Weber's Century Plant (Agave weberi)


Weber's Century Plant

Agave weberi

Weber's Century Plant, or Agave weberi, is a stately succulent with dramatic blue-green foliage that fits in with any landscape – from the desert to the SoCal coast! It boasts a heavy “pup” cluster that appears to shoot straight out from the parent or base of the plant. This evergreen is native to Arizona and Mexico, and has a slow growth rate. Since they are very drought tolerant once established and low maintenance, we love to plant them on hillsides, slopes and in dry rock gardens, where their unique weeping effect is sure to add a welcoming presence into any location!

Weber's Century Plant are cold hardy and are a very waterwise plant with low to moderate watering needs once established. They love to grow where there’s full sun exposure and they look especially attractive in xeric landscape design themes! And while Agave weberi do love the sun, they are also shade tolerant – they look great as a free standing specimen in residential properties, and in large commercial landscapes, mass planting them can create a dramatic impact! This is a great landscaping plant that is sure to be admired by all! Feel free to speak with one of our in-house landscape design experts and we’ll be happy to provide additional guidance on what to do with your landscape.

Fun fact: Native Americans used the fiber for a wide range of uses, from bowstrings, brushes, cradles, nets, slings, shoes, skirts, rope, mats and more! The sap has been used as a fresh drink or fermented into pulque.

At Palm Paradise, we’re unique growers in that we only grow our Agave weberi from our own private stock of premium quality specimens. We are the only people the grow these and assure their quality. If you’re looking for the absolute best quality at the best price, come visit our huge nursery today!

  • Stately succulent
  • Cold hardy
  • Slow growth rate
  • Drought-tolerant
  • Low maintenance plant


Full sun

Low water-use