Spanish Dagger (Yucca gloriosa)


Spanish Dagger

Yucca gloriosa

Spanish Dagger is a sculptural plant and one that’s a great choice for adding year-round interest into any landscape from the beach to the desert! Native to the southeastern United States, Yucca gloriosa occurs naturally in many of the east coast dunes and thrives in heat and humidity. We love to plant them here in Southern California, where they are excellent for xeriscaping and grown as architectural specimens in a border or courtyard, and planted near swimming pools. They feature drooping blue-gray to green leaves that project from soft, green stems. In late spring or early summer, spikes of slightly reddish-tinged, white fragrant blossoms appear, adding to its already showy features and attracting butterflies, too. Plus, thanks to its high salt tolerance, it is an ideal choice for seaside plantings!

Spanish Daggers are very low maintenance, medium-sized evergreen shrubs that almost anyone can grow successfully! Grow them in full sun or partial shade exposures, and once established, they will have low to moderate watering needs. In fact, it is very drought tolerant and can be watered sparingly, so they are a great addition to any low water garden. We love the ornamental features of this plant, so feel free to grow in pots or plant them into the ground. Use them in your backyard tropical oasis or for xeriscaping, it fits well with any landscape style! Use them to add curb appeal and value to any property!

Yucca gloriosa have a slow growth rate, so we recommend buying big if you want to bring natural maturity to your site today. At Palm Paradise, we’ve been growing these showy plants for over 20 years, from our own private stock of premium quality specimens. We have the bigger Spanish Dagger’s available right now and can assure their quality is the best you’ll find anywhere!

  • Sculptural plant
  • Excellent for xeriscaping and grown as architectural specimens in a border or courtyard
  • Drooping blue-gray to green leaves
  • High salt tolerance
  • Medium sized evergreen
  • Slow growth rate
  • Water-wise


Full to partial sun

Drought tolerant