Parry's Agave (Agave parryi)


Parry's Agave

Agave parryi

Parry’s Agave is sure to impress at first sight! Native to Arizona and northern Mexico, Agave parryi is sometimes called the artichoke agave due to its rosettes resembling giant artichokes. This is an ultra-drought tolerant plant once established, so if you’re looking for a visually interesting water wise plant for your landscape, you’ll love this agave. We love mass planting them, where their colorful gray-green to blue-green evergreen leaves can create a spectacular sight that is sure to add curb appeal! The smaller size allows it to be used for easy planting around corners and in smaller planters too, though it looks great no matter where it’s planted!

Cold-hardy, Parry's Agave is a slow growing, very low maintenance plant that anyone can care for. In fact, once established, it has low to moderate watering needs with no special care required! It loves to grow where there is plenty of full sun exposure and can even tolerate some light shade too. We love the way it can be used as an interesting tropical accent or specimen in any garden, where it’s often used for borders and as a ground cover.

Fun facts: have been previously used as a food source, for fibers, and for various medicinal uses. The liquid inside the leaves can be turned into pulque or mescal, an alcoholic beverage that can be distilled into other drinks, such as tequila!

We love growing the best-quality agaves you’ll find anywhere! Palm Paradise Nursery has been growing top quality Parry’s Agave for over 20 years and can assure their quality is the absolute best. We only grow from our own premium-quality private stock and are the only people that does this! We offer the best warranty in the industry and would love to have you come visit our huge nursery to find beautiful, healthy-looking agaves and companion trees, such as our rare and exotic palm trees that you have to see to believe!

  • Often called the Artichoke Agave
  • Colorful gray-green to blue-green evergreen leaves
  • Smaller size
  • Low maintenance plant


Water Wise - Ultra drought tolerant

Partial to full sun applicable

Cold Hardy