Murphy's Agave (Agave murpheyi)


Murphy's Agave

Agave murpheyi

Murphy’s Agave is a bold and beautiful, medium-sized agave with vibrant blue-green to gray-green yellowish foliage and a unique structure that adds lots of character to any landscape. Its attractive leaves form an upright rosette and will occasionally bend and turn. Native to central Arizona and northern Mexico, Agave murpheyi is able to tolerate extreme heat as well as full sun exposure with very low to moderate watering needs. Murphy's Agave are similar to Agave Americana, but on a smaller scale, so if you’re looking for a similar look but don’t have the space, Agave murpheyi is an ideal substitute! We love to plant them to make dramatic accents in any landscape, especially water-wise gardens and beside pools!

Murphy’s Agave have a slow to moderate growth rate and are very tolerant of drought conditions. They can also tolerate poor soil conditions and are a very low maintenance plant with little care required once it has been established. Thanks to their uniform growth and clean, elegant appearance, we love to plant them in rows or clusters to add instant curb appeal! Also, since they’re succulents, they are also a great addition to any firewise landscape design!

Fun facts: also known as the Hohokam agave, since it was grown by the ancient Hohokam people for food and fiber. Agave plants have been used for fiber that’s used to make clothing, sandals and other textiles.

If you’re looking to add instant maturity to your site, we recommend buying a bigger, mature Murphy’s Agave. We have them available right now, in a variety of sizes, only grown from our own private stock of premium quality specimens. We have been growing the best-quality agaves for over 20 years and do what no one else does – we can assure their quality! We take pride growing premium quality agaves that you will not find at any other nursery!

  • Can tolerate extreme heat
  • Slow to moderate growth rate
  • Clean, elegant appearance
  • Can tolerate poor soil conditions
  • Great for a firewise landscape


Full sun

Water Wise - Ultra drought tolerant