Mexican Fence Post (Pachycereus marginatus)


Mexican Fence Post

Pachycereus marginatus

Mexican Fence Post are stately, attractive and a must-have for anyone that loves cactus! Native to Mexico, you can’t help but notice this fast-growing cactus with dark green foliage and columnar trunks – it’s a favorite used in many landscapes that fit the southwestern theme. That said, we love to plant Pachycereus marginatus with any landscape theme! The seasonal pink blooms contrast beautifully, adding even more stunning color to their surroundings! Feel free to grow in containers or use them as a bold and dramatic accent in your landscape!

Mexican Fence Post are heat tolerant and get extra bonus points for being Verticillium Wilt resistant. They love to grow with full sun and partial sun exposures, and once established are drought tolerant with low to moderate watering needs. It’s an evergreen that looks great all year and is very low maintenance, in fact, they can basically grow untouched for many years, so it really is one of the best hands-off plants you can find!

We love to plant them to create a tall living fence, where they can be used as a privacy hedge to screen against unwanted views or to simply create an unforgettable sight in your landscape! They are also a great choice to plant around swimming pools or for use as a patio plant. If you love the sight of hummingbirds, you’ll be happy to know that during the spring and summer flowering season, hummingbirds are sure to pay a visit to your garden!

If you want to the full benefit of Pachycereus marginatus, we recommend buying as big as you can! We have been growing Mexican Fence Post cacti for over 20 years, from our own private stock of premium quality specimens! This means we are able to offer the best-quality, bigger cacti that you will not find anywhere else! Let our professionals do all of the hard work for you – from the design to the delivery and installation!

  • A must-have for anyone that loves cactus!
  • Dark green foliage and columnar trunks
  • Evergreen
  • One of the best hands-off plants you can find!
  • Can be used as a privacy hedge or living fence
  • Attracts hummingbirds


Low water-use

Seasonal pink blooms contrast well and add even more color