Century Plant (Agave americana)


Century Plant

Agave americana

The Century Plant is popular and a common sight on many Southwestern landscapes. Native to Mexico and Texas, Agave americana is also known as Blue Agave and is the largest of all the native Texas agaves. This is the iconic agave, growing a pup cluster of gray-blue to blue-green leaves giving it the proud distinction as the being the King of the agaves in the Southwest. This majestic agave is an impressive specimen when it is big. Its bold structure and beautiful form makes it an excellent choice for any landscape. It is a very showy plant, in fact, once this medium-sized agave blooms, a massive vertical stalk bolts into the sky bearing yellowish green flowers that grace the neighborhood with colorful beauty and interest!

Like most agaves, Century Plants thrive with full sun exposure but can take light shade too. They are cold tolerant, very heat tolerant and have low to moderate water requirements. Homeowners and landscapers alike love designing with this agave - it works beautifully as a single large specimen or mass planted with other agaves. We love to plant them to make dramatic accents in water-wise gardens and beside pools, where you can’t help but take notice of its bold reflection in the calm water. Agave americana looks magnificent in any landscape application from a steep slope, to desert rock garden or beachfront property! Much smaller sizes will grow well as an indoor houseplant and some of our customers use them as a potted plant where they add year round interest to any open area.

Century Plants had great historical and medicinal value to the American Indians. They would ground up the base for soap, pound the leaves into a fabric, and ate the flower for food. Butterflies and hummingbirds are attracted to this agave and it is also used as a protective habitat for birds and small animals!

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  • Also known as Blue Agave
  • Very showy plant
  • Cold and Heat tolerant
  • Water-wise
  • Can grow indoors or outdoors


Partial to full sun applicable

Blue grey pointed foliage