Cardon Grande Cactus (Trichocereus tersheckii)


Cardon Grande Cactus

Trichocereus tersheckii

When one thinks of the classic, tall, upright growing cactus of the Southwest, the Cardon Grande Cactus always comes to mind. Similar to the popular Saguaro, this Trichocereus tersheckii is a fast growing beauty when given the proper TLC, so you won’t have to wait too long to marvel at the sight of a mature Cardon cactus adorning your landscape! Native to northwest Argentina, its stems grow long and upright, with multiple, evenly spaced ridges and beautiful golden spines that can become larger and more colorful as it matures. Adding to its already showy features are beautiful, large white flowers that can appear almost every day in the summer, and bring some much needed color into an arid summertime landscape!

Cardon Grande Cactus can grow to be large, so they love to be planted in an area with ample room to grow and where they can receive plenty of full sun exposure – they absolutely LOVE sunlight! They’re also very drought tolerant, with low to moderate watering needs one established, so plant one and watch in awe as it grows to an impressive cactus that adds lots of character to any landscape.

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  • Also known as Echinopsis tersheckii and Cardon Santo ‘Sacred’ cactus
  • An ethnobotanical because of its comparability to peyote or San Pedro
  • Fast growing
  • Large cactus – give it ample room to grow
  • Loves to grow where there is plenty of sunlight
  • Beautiful, large white flowers can appear almost every day in the summer


Blooms Early Summer

Drought tolerant

Full sun