Argentine Toothpick (Stetsonia coryne)


Argentine Toothpick

Stetsonia coryne

The Argentine Toothpick is an attractive South American native and a night blooming cactus that’s sure to be a welcome accent plant in any cactus or succulent garden. It’s just as beautiful when used as a focal point in any landscape! It can grow to be a large and wide columnar cactus with a tree-like appearance, and when the large white flowers appear during late spring and early summer nights, you can’t help but take notice of its natural beauty. Also known by its botanical name, Stetsonia coryne, it can grow in pots and containers too, however, the flowers are more likely to thrive when it’s planted into your landscape. We love to plant them against a wall, where its interesting growth habit creates a bold silhouette!

An Argentine Toothpick lit up with nighttime lighting is sure turn up your landscape’s “wow” factor to high! It’s an evergreen that looks incredible day or night, and it loves to grow where there is plenty of full sun exposure. It has a slow to moderate growth rate and once established, has low to moderate watering needs.

Fun fact: In late winter, an Argentine Toothpick produces large, yellow fruit with an edible white pulp.

One look at its distinctive long thorns and you can see how it got its common name. An Argentine Toothpick might look intimidating to some - if placed properly around your home, it can add a nice bit of home security! Rather than trying to handle one of these gorgeous cacti yourself, we recommend having our professional landscaping crew do all the work!

  • Classic cactus look
  • A night blooming cactus – flowers mostly bloom at night and close up by morning
  • Large and wide columnar cactus
  • Low maintenance plant
  • Also known as Toothpick Cactus
  • Originates from the low northwest deserts of Argentina and Bolivia


Full sun

Blooms Early Summer