Desert Juice

Desert Juice

Cactus, Agave & Succulent Maximizer

With the extreme heat and freezing temperatures of our desert climate, many of our desert acclimated trees, plants and cacti experience heat stress, freeze damage and yellowing. Although built to withstand the harshest conditions of the desert, low nutrient levels and calcium deficiency can cause problems generally seen in non-desert acclimated trees and plants. We’ve created a Xeriscape specific formula infused with Calcium and Furst Liquid to combat this problem and strengthen our cacti, agave, succulents and other desert trees.

Desert Juice is a safe and easy to use solution for all Xeriscape items. Desert Juice’s liquid calcium supplement helps create stronger plant structure and keeps cacti and agave healthy and greener. Fast acting Desert Juice combined with Furst Liquid provides the optimal amount of calcium and potassium hydroxide that help in recovery from frost damage, optimize summer growth and increase spring bloom production!

If you’re thinking about adding Xeriscape items or already have them in your landscape, Desert Juice is a must-have to ensure the healthiest and best looking landscape throughout the year. Add Desert Juice to your watering and fertilizing schedule and use monthly during the Spring , Summer and Fall but begin immediately if there are signs of yellowing or stress. Create and maintain a beautiful Xeriscape today with Desert Juice! Desert Juice is only available at Moon Valley Nursery locations.

Easy to use!

Desert Juice is a concentrated liquid, so all you have to do is mix with water and apply the mixture to the watering area.

Application rates vary by the size and type of trees or plants, so make sure to read the easy to follow usage instructions on the bottle label.

Always water cacti, agave and succulents thoroughly after applying any fertilizers or nutrients.

Directions for Use:

1. Shake well before mixing with water.

2. Mix Desert Juice with water at a rate of 1 Cup (8 fl. ounces) of Desert Juice per 1 Gallon of water.

Apply 1 to 2 Gallons of mixture evenly around the entire area where the plant gets watered. Apply 2 to 4 Gallons of mixture evenly around the entire area where the plant gets watered.

3. Using your hose, thoroughly water each plant to which the mixture has been applied.

Warning: The nutrients in this mixture may stain materials that it comes in contact with. Manufacturer and seller are not responsible for stains or other damages caused by this product.

CAUTION: NOT for human consumption

Harmful if swallowed. Avoid contact with eyes, open cuts or sores. Keep out of reach of children. Product may stain porous material such as concrete, rock, etc. Buyer assumes all responsibility for safety & use of this product not in accordance with directions listed. Make sure lid is secure before transporting.

For more information regarding the contents and levels of metals in this product is available on the internet at

Desert Juice Helps...

  • Create stronger plant structure!
  • Cacti & agave stay greener!
  • Recover from frost/ freeze damage!
  • Optimize summer growth!
  • Increase spring bloom production!

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